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Leave you for us, it will be convenient to both you and your project


There is an added value hidden all around us.

Our mission is simple.

An opportunity makes things we really understand, without useless poses, paperwork and restrictions, it activates huge energy.

We have tons of it even for you – our customers and partners

Business Manager – Ovision CZ corp.

Our clients trust us

More than 250 clients have showed their reliance on us yet.

Organization entry

Start at the right time. The motto we keep and also try to hand over to our clients. To move you closer to success.

Internal management processes

Learn how to enjoy going to work – stay in a team you like and you will love your job.

Outsourcing process

Division of labor still works, save both time and money not only of yourself but of your project and company as well.

Consulting services

Your way to gain savings and more effective process of document work always includes a change.

We are a purely Czech company with a strong capital background

We are your provider of complex services in the field of managing documents and information included there.

Our services focus on primary creation and production of documents from graphic design or processing of variable data in databases to the creation of a printed document or its electronical version. We also deal with processing previously created documents and their effective inclusion in your business processes (registry, digitization, data mining, archiving, DMS systems etc.).

Are you interested in having a high-quality partner in the field of project management guidance and more?